When you have Nestegg as your Benefits Broker, there are many services we provide to our clients that will save them time and money. Most of our small group (less than 100 employees) clients do not have an HR department, so they look to us for guidance and assistance in managing their benefits programs. With our hands-on expertise and unwavering customer service, we work hard to help these clients stay compliant through the use of our complimentary HR/Online Benefits System.

For our large group clients (more than 100 employees), they have an HR department in place, but they are busy working with employees, managers and executives on retention, recruitment, productivity, training, compliance, health & safety, discrimination and diversity, discipline, outsourcing, etc… These are the many challenges that today’s HR departments are facing. It is crucial to have a Benefits Broker that can help them manage their benefits programs. We pride ourselves in providing high touch customer service and benefits expertise to relieve our clients from managing their benefits program on their own.

Please check out our strategy in helping our clients manage their employee benefits program:

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Benefit Plan Strategy

  • Benefits Planning & Strategy

  • Annual Renewal Evaluation and Market Check

  • Rates and Benefits Side-by-Side Comparisons

  • Provider Network Analysis

  • Employee Contribution - Design & Illustrations

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Communication Services

  • Face-to-face or webinar Employee Meetings and Presentations

  • Customized Benefit Election Form & Benefits Overview

  • Open Enrollment Communications

  • Assist and prepare Payroll Discrepancy Letters

  • E-Mail Campaigns, Payroll Stuffers, Posters

  • Benefit Statements, Employee Surveys, as needed

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Complimentary EaseCentral Online Benefits System

  • Nestegg builds an online benefits system for each group client and provide customized communication pieces

  • Employer and employee receives an EaseCentral account to assist with open enrollment, view benefits info to include plan selection, benefit summary, state/federal mandated materials, etc.

  • Nestegg processes all enrollments, terminations and changes to the insurance companies

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Compliance Services

  • POP document and COBRA services assistance

  • Review of Employee Certificates (SPDs) and Plan Documents

  • Summary Plan Description “Wrap” Document

  • Review of Contracts and Plan Documents

  • Review ACA Reports before submission to IRS

  • Assistance with ERISA, HIPAA, COBRA, State & Federal Legislative Mandates

  • HealthCare Reform Updates and Requirements

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Other Services

  • Resolution of Claims, Bills and Administrative Concerns

  • Training of Human Resources & Administrative Staff

  • Point of contact for any issues relating to the company’s or employee’s benefits to include advising employees when family loses coverage, help prepare letters